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A veneer is a thin shell made of ceramics, with an adhesive – similar to that of today's restorative treatment – is applied to the tooth.


Since the ceramic material is so thin and translucent, provides a veneer and can not artificially imitate the natural tooth perfectly.

Health risks are not, as a biocompatible ceramic, ie biocompatible, Material is.




What is an indication for Veneer?



unsightly teeth ...

Teeth, the

have a lot of old fillings,

Have misalignments,

have been discolored by root canal treatment,

have insufficient for the patient color,

can be treated with veneers.




and also tooth gaps ...

Tooth gaps – especially in the anterior region – may be closed, without taking a long orthodontic treatment.







How does a treatment with veneers?




A thorough treatment planning


  • Meeting on the Aesthetic claims and treatment options
  • Thorough diagnostic: Radiographs, Caries diagnosis, Vitalitätsprufungen, Sensitivity level, periodontal status around the teeth
  • The gums should not inflamed state hinweissen and the teeth must be in a healthy state before the veneer therapy, or ought to have vorversorgt accordingly
  • Taking impressions of both jaws
  • Gypsum model production
  • Any preparation of a mock-up model, to inform him the exact requirements of the patient, as the aesthetics should be the veneers

The sculpture of the tooth to the right Vorasusetzungen Aesthetic, Adaptation and strength


  • light anesthesia, since the preparation does not have to be
  • minimal edge of the outer enamel layer, between 0,3-0,5 mm, with small aesthetic defects
  • further erosion, between 0,5-1 mm, involving large adjustments (z.B. Misalignments) to be achieved by the veneers
  • Production of plastic temporaries, modeled by hand immediately. However, these should not be glued to Stark, because now the cement used can weaken the final adhesion partly in the future

The confirmation of the precise work


  • Once the technician has made the veneers, the temporaries are removed from the teeth
  • Normally you do not need anesthesia for this task
  • They look at the aesthetic result
  • The dentist looks at not only the aesthetic result, but also the exact adjustment
  • If the patient and the dentist are both satisfied with the result, can now be glued the veneers
  • If something is incorrect, would again be corrected in the laboratory, possibly by new impression taking

the onset of veneers


only if both aesthetics and adaptation vote, may the veneers are cemented, one after the other.

  • the assistant prepares the veneer for insertion
    • special ceramic etching with polyacrylic acid
    • Enhancement of adhesion by the application of a xylan-agent
    • Application of the Kunststoffbondings
  • The dentist prepares the tooth at the same time before the onset
    • the enamel is etched
    • possibly exposed dentin, which is sensitive, is a Dentinpflaster supplies
    • the Bonding is applied
    • the liquid plastic is also applied between the tooth and veneer
  • the Venner is used on the tooth and printed
    • the plastic surplus is carefully removed
    • the plastic is polymerized by UV light
    • the edges are carefully polished

at very discolored teeth sometimes it is recommended, the teeth before treatment with veneers a Bleaching to undergo, to achieve a perfect aesthetic result






Why you should choose the "Tooth&Decide Vital "Veneers?


our Kooperationslaborist part of our working system; the laboratory director may at any time be drawn into the patient interview, to give it the exact needs of the patient about color, Notify aesthetics and design of the veneers

He stands in the manufacturing process with them in direct contact, so that their needs can be satisfied maximum

The veneers are made from the finest German and Swiss ceramic materials


applied nanotechnology after the application of veneers provides maximum freedom from symptoms and remineralization of processed natural tooth substance

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