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The dental practice was founded 1993 in 1993 by Dr. Lichtenthäler.

21 21 years long has Dr. Lichtenthäler the dental profession exercised in this practice with enthusiasm and it cares for its patients efficiently and thus contributing to the long-term tooth preservation.


In the short transfer time it made me very happy, determine, that the long-term patients from Dr. Lichtenthäler aufweissen a good oral condition.

This is also due without any doubt to the regular recall program, the Dr. Lichtenthäler has implemented in his practice.


This concept we have taken since January and look forward, to accompany our patients another twenty years down the road on Oral Health!






Treatment room




Treatment room


Our current dental practice Zahn und Vital Situated in the district 8, in Zurich at the Forchstrasse 34, a few minutes from Stadelhofen, between the stops

Kreuzplatz (Tram 11, 15, S18; Bus 31, 33, 34)

Signaustrasse (Tram 11, S18; Bus 31, 33, 34)

… and two private parking spaces in front of the door !


We are located in 4. Floor of a beautiful period building overlooking the rooftops of Zurich.

The practice consists of two large treatment rooms, an even bigger reception room, a small waiting room, a sterilization room with a small dental laboratory area and an office.




Over the next few weeks, the practice is changed completely computerized and equipped with a digital X-ray system, both for single shots as before as well as panoramic full jaw receptacle for holistic treatment planning.


Specialization with a holistic approach

First comes a good diagnosis for a specific solution,

without the general requirements of the man not to lose sight of



In addition to the latest technology, you can expect a relaxed atmosphere, which allows us, to dedicate enough time for you

Do you find it comfortable?

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