a preventive measure,

the part of any dental

Care should be

The result you will feel immediately

Our dental&Vital prophylaxis session is not only

"Wellness program" for your teeth,

but also therapy and investment

in your overall health


What happens during a session prophylaxis?


Removal of soft and hard deposits from teeth
Polish the slightly roughened by the therapy tooth surface
Instructions and recommendations for home dental care, individually for each patient:
    • Choice of appropriate toothbrush
    • Choice of appropriate toothpaste
    • if necessary. Use of dentifrice tablets for staining of plaque (v.a. in children)
    • individual tooth brushing techniques
    • Demonstration of the use of tools for cleaning between the teeth
    • Recommended by rinsing solutions or gels
Nutritional counseling and guidance
Sealing deep fissures (Recoveries in the chewing surfaces of teeth)
specific prophylaxis sessions before, during and after periodontal therapy
special prevention sessions for children
special prevention sessions for orthodontic patients

We divide 3 various prophylactic concepts:



Primary-primary prophylaxis

concerns v.a. expectant mothers


Primary prophylaxis

after the transfer germs


Secondary prophylaxis

under carious teeth or periodontal disease

Why you should opt for a tooth&Vital decide prophylaxis?


  • because we have the most modern, innovative prevention approaches


  • and in addition to the above treatment approaches still take the following measures:

Treatment and disinfection of the tongue surfaces

the tongue is a carrier of approximately. 60% the oral bacteria and decisive factor for halitosis

Treating the tooth surfaces

  • with patented nano technology
  • to strengthen the enamel during childhood and adult dentition

We have specialized for you in the areas of


Implantology and Implant prosthetics



Aesthetic Dentistry


highly specialized and are among the “State of the Art” Practices


Laser APDT

antimicrobial photodynamic therapy


biomedical autohemotherapy with plasma rich in growth factors


Oxygen therapy

Immediate implants with immediate loading

fixed teeth on the same day


Cold therapy

Metal Frei

CAD CAM circon dioxide technique for all crowns

In addition to the latest technology, you can expect a relaxed atmosphere, which allows us, to dedicate enough time for you

We look forward to meet you

in three steps to your first appointment

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