Laser APDT

Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy

A new dimension in the photo biological treatment of bacterially induced inflammation and infection.



absolutely minimally invasive


without pain and without side effects


dewesgen be performed without any anesthesia


Bacterial infections can be treated


healthy cells are not affected

The bacteria live and multiply without oxygen (Anaerobier). The aPDT system produces a very effective oxygen product, which kills the bacteria.

Studies have shown, that 99% of all bacteria in periodontitis and 92% are killed by this system at a peri.





in periodontitis

middle initial Periodontal therapy or when conventional periodontal therapy approaches have not brought the expected success

with recurrent infection states (Recurrences)

Inflammation of implants (Periimplantitis)

Root canal treatment

Wound healing


Mouth sores- and throat (z.B. Aphthen, Herpes)

Bacteria and their metabolic products are considered as the main cause of periodontal disease.

Often antibiotics are given, which, however sometimes can lead to drug resistance and side effects not consistent application of prescribed.

The sole manual and mechanical cleansing of the periodontal pockets is not enough, a periodontal disease to treat satisfactorily.

We do not use a complicated surgical periodontal therapy, which takes a long healing period, and will be very often accompanied by complications.


Light-induced inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms by destroying the germ- and bacterial envelopes by a Biodiodenlaser.

Ozone, as well as the aPDT, make the use of antibiotics usually unnecessary.

The APDT and ozone are both excellent cure accelerator.

In contrast to the aPDT the ozone is able, penetrate into the diseased tissue, to act in inactivating the organisms living there.


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