The way to white teeth



We can help, to create a radiant smile




Always brighter Tough

More and more patients come with the desire of teeth whitening in our practice.

Better technology

With new materials and techniques we are now in a position, Teeth effectively, tooth substance gently and effectively lighten in no time.



Incorrect procedures

The desire for a "bright white" smile often leads to, that patients on old "home remedy recipes" such as. Citric acid recourse, what the tooth but can cause significant damage and discoloration- and coverings- Situation of the teeth worse rather than better.


Reasons for tooth whitening

The personal ideal of beauty. To have beautiful white teeth by removing stains caused

    • by e.g.. Food- beverages and tobacco
    • by root canal treatment




There's different tooth discoloration?

Yes! Tooth discoloration differ from Located, Caries, leaky fillings and Cracks.

the Coverings can usually through a Prophylaxis session (PCR) be removed.

Discoloration, however, have incorporated into the tooth structure and can not be removed only by a professional cleaning, considers that it should carried out before each whitening.

Caries, leaky fillings and Cracks neither by a Prophylaxis session (PCR) are still not removed by bleaching, and therefore need a specific therapy.

Therefore, a thorough examination and an explanatory conversation are very important.




What to bleaching of?

Tooth discoloration caused by e.g.. Food- beverages and tobacco (Wine, Coffee, Path, Chocolate, Tobacco…)

Dark discolored teeth after Root canal treatment


What can not you bleaching of?

Caries, Cracks and Dekalzifizierungen on the enamel need different supplies

Feilegende roots Additional Services need an aesthetic solution


hinweissen the discoloration between the filling and the tooth, are typically leaky

Composite fillings or Plastic veneers the color of which no longer meets the tooth color

Amalgamfüllungen or Metal Kronenberg

Ceramics Ronen or Keramik-Veneers

these must be replaced accordingly thereafter may, to achieve a perfect result.


the 3 different whitening methods


Illumination of a custom-made

Bleaching rail


Sewing of whitening rail

  1. Impression is taken of the jaw
  2. Gypsum model production
  3. Applying a paint for the creation of space for the whitening gel
  4. Production of individual whitening rail by a vacuum process
  5. Anpasung the whitening rail at the gingival margins
  6. Confirmation of the adjustment in the mouth


  1. Filling the whitening rail with a low dose peroxide gel
  2. depending on the desired result, discoloration or the rail must be worn for one to several hours
  3. The treatment lasts about. 2 Weeks


  1. the lightening effect is moderate
  2. You can continue to use the rail to refresh (z.B. after 6-12 Months)*

The treatment for teeth whitening is performed at our practice



  • Cover the gums with a plastic material or with a rubber dam
  • The gum is characterized isolliert


  • Application of highly concentrated peroxide containing gel on the teeth
  • after about. 15-30 Minutes, the gel is removed
  • by re-application of the gel the process is repeated until the desired result is achieved
  • usually three passages are necessary in the first bleaching session


  • The peroxide concentration of this method is higher
  • Therefore, this method is the most effective

In discoloration of endodontically treated teeth

Commonly referred to as Internal Bleaching.

Root canal treated teeth white norma ller, after a certain time a darker color back



  • Opening of the closure of the root canal treatment
  • Removal of the upper portion of the root canal filling


  • the bleaching agent is introduced
  • the tooth is temporarily sealed again
  • this deposit lingers for one to several days within the tooth
  • the whitening deposit has to be renewed over time
  • these deposits are repeated, until a visible brightening scored
  • are typically 3-4 Deposits exchange necessary
  • Then the tooth is provided with a special filling therapy, to prevent a re-staining


  • The peroxide concentration of this method is higher
  • The tooth structure needs a certain minimum strength to the tooth endure empty
  • in some cases, must be the root canal treatment, in order to achieve an optimal result, completely renewed
  • in some cases aesthetical root canal treated teeth, this method is in front of the ceramic veneers or porcelain crowns also recommended



In our practice, the in-office whitening method is preferably used, because through it the best result is achieved, which is long lasting effect.



In support of in-office whitening, we select individually for serious discoloration additionally the home bleaching.



Often a veneer or large destruction of the tooth crown to be adjusted a porcelain crown for teeth whitening after an internal, so as to achieve an absolutely perfect aesthetic result, which satisfies the patients in the highest degree.


From whitening agents, which is available over the counter to purchase it, we recommend, because …

do not work with the individual made-rails

it may happen, that the peroxide bleaching gel spread uncontrollably on the gums, which can lead to painful burns

may often have different quality, the harm in some cases, the tooth structure rather than help

lead to inadequate or insufficient cloudy

can miss a necessary dental follow-up of the tooth surfaces

Why you should choose the "Tooth&Decide Vital "bleaching?


dental provision through extensive prophylaxis session, best prepare the teeth for the whitening

We use the most advanced whitening techniques with regenerating amorphous calcium phosphate technology

dental examination using nanotechnology ApaCare, cure for an optimal tooth enamel

our whitening produces much less sensitivity than conventional systems

25% faster results than tradizionellen systems

  • 25%

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